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tonight on c-span2, we hear from libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson about the obstacles facing a third party candidate in the 2012 election. then live coverage from denver, colorado, for a campaign rally with republican presidential candidate mitt romney. later, president obama rallies with supporters in las vegas. >> tuesday british labour party leader ed miliband delivers remarks in manchester. we'll have live coverage from england here on c-span2 starting at 9:15 a.m. eastern. also tuesday on c-span2, a look at what happens to individual taxes if the bush era tax cuts expire. former congressional budget office director douglas holtz-eakin and other economists look at the issue. our live coverage from the urban institute here in washington, d.c. starts at noon eastern. >> every generation through our history has worked and sacrificed to leave a better country to their children and grandchildren and future generations. we, we were then spending their money, we are now even more, much more, spending their money, and we are leaving them a mess that will be a very difficul
johnson is live this morning at police headquarters with more on this case. now, sherree, this case is taking a lot of twists and turns. >>reporter: megan, yes. that medical examiner's report also says anthony anderson's injuries were to his ribs, his spleen. he also had internal injuries and internal bleeding. now, the city police officers, three officers involved in this case are right now on paid leave. so far no word on if any charges will be filed against these officers. this incident happened on september 21st. anderson's family says he came out of a bar on east biddle street when he was confronted by police. now, his mother, son, daughter and 2-year-old granddaughter were also there. now, initially police said anderson tried to swallow drugs. police would not speak on camera, but they confirmed drugs were not a factor in anderson's death. >> we want the officers arrested and we want them convicted because if it was a normal citizen that committed homicide, they would be behind bars. >> and that paid vacation at the taxpayers' expense should come to an end. >> the family atto
him to get there. he pitched better to have 15 wins. >> a note on davie johnson. he left the game in the 7th inning with numbness in the left leg and had x rays taken, appears to have nerve issue. we'll monitor his status. as far as the post season and we're watching the wild card game on friday between the braves and cardinals. round one, of course, they will play the winner of that game on sunday and will take place in st. louis or atlanta, back here at nats park tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for games three-five. all right, there was some other big news today. home field advantage, sure and how about this? the president's race. teddy roosevelt who won, is yet to win and is pulling up in the rear as usual and baby philly fanatic, comes out and knocks down the competition. washington, jefferson, lincoln and opens up a clear path for teddy who takes advantage to win the first president's race and teddy is finally on the board and how about that? 525 races, i believe, that he failed to win. teddy is on the board and this team is going to home season with homefield advantage. >>
johnson. >> john: what could he possibly want more than a name that doesn't sound doubly phallic. >> he told bloom beg news it was more important to him that mitt romney win the presidential election than the jets have a winning season. the team went 8-8 last year and is 2-2 so far. >> john: i come from new york. the jets aren't going to have a winning season and mitt romney isn't going to be president. let me ask you a question, dan when you're reading the headlines, is it distracting to read a name like woody johnson? >> a little. >> john: you kept your composure. i can think of peter o'toole and woody johnson doubly phallic game. >> go by richard johnson. >> john: if you're a celebrity or a rock singer, you need to shut up about your political opinions but if you're in the nfl, by all means talk about who you want for president. >> maybe mitt romney wasn't bluffing when he said of some his best friends own nfl teams. >> john: he said nascar teams i thought. >> no, he said it about both. >> john: he'll probabl
. >> to take away your tax exempt status. tell us why. >> the johnson amendment took away freedom of speech, freedom of religion. our belief is that there should be a separation of church and state that you eluded to. there should be no government intrusion into the pulpit at all. in 194 54, that changed, taking away 166 years of pulpit freedom. we've been trying to restore that and see the johnson amendment taken to court and be unconstitutional based on the first amendment. in hopes of seeing a court case so that the johnson amendment can officially be thrown out and pastors can, once again, have their first amendment rights back. >> will you endorse a candidate during your sermon this sunday? >> i plan on doing exactly that. what we're saying is that's the freedom of the pastor. fes taes up to them. that's a receipt that we v we're simply saying we're trying to reclaim what was lost. 501-c, only one category has a speech restriction put on it, 501-c-3, which happens to be churches. lyndol banes johnson his aide would acknowledge that they never had churches in mind. they were aimed at tw
, it is all over for joey fatone and kym johnson. did not shine last night on "dancing with the stars." also, when they got kicked off, the crowd didn't love it all that much. they look okay this morning. they're having a good time. we're going to talk to them live in a little bit. >>> first, let's get news from josh. >> we're going to start with tonight's crucial presidential debate. here's where it will happen. you're taking a look at the university of denver. the first of three debates. tonight's will focus on domestic issues, including jobs, the economy, and health care. and president obama will be heading into tonight's showdown, just hours after a video of him from 2007 surfaced on a conservative website. then-senator obama is heard praising controversial pastor jeremiah wright. and accusing the federal government of not doing enough to help new orleans recover from hurricane katrina. the president's campaign calls the video a desperate attack. >>> meantime, there's signs that mitt romney is ready to offer specifics about his tax plan tonight. all part of a plan to cut tax rates by 20%
, proctor & gamble, johnson & johnson. caught in the glare of the national spotlight, alec tried to change the subject. >> you know, i think the entire debate needs to be reframed, and really what alec is, is a bipartisan association of state legislators -- we have legislators of all political stripes coming together to talk about the most critical issues facing the states and trying to come up with the best solutions to face some of the problems that we're having. >> alright, so your point is it's not a partisan organization. >> but alec is partisan. and then some. >> in the spring i got a call from a person who said that all of the alec bills were available and was i interested in looking at them. and i said i was. >> lisa graves, a former justice department lawyer runs the center for media and democracy, it's a nonprofit investigative reporting group in madison, wisconsin. in 2011 by way of an alec insider, graves got her hands on a virtual library of internal alec documents. she was amazed by its contents, a treasure trove of actual alec model bills. >> these are the bills that were pr
, he got it. >> i think he just broke gary johnson's heart. he's off the table apparently. >> gary johnson. >> i think mitt romney had a sort of stay of execution. if he had blown it last night, it would have been over. >> the aroma of terminal illness is gone from the campaign. once you get that aroma, it's kind difficult. >> you know what i'm looking to right now is the vice presidential debate? people give biden such a hard time, he's the gaffe machine. i remember when biden was known as a really good communicator, and you know what? there's a difference between biden and obama and how they are in debates and how they approach crowds. biden looks for the guts of the audience and pitches the message to their guts. i'm sure to see how biden does it. >> he's been there and paul ryan has not. >> i think next time if it's a boring debate, we should bring in herman cain, rick perry and newt gingrich just for fun. >> herman cain would be winning right now according to herman cain. >> you've heard our initial reactions. up next we have reactions from the heartland and the capital. we go
%. what do you think about the fact that gary johnson, a libertarian candidate, is probably going to be on all 50 ballots, and the conventional wisdom is he is going to draw from mitt romney and it makes a difference in colorado and it makes a difference in virginia. it will make a difference in north carolina. does that worry you? >> no, it doesn't worry me. >> they're not going to throw their vote away when we have an election here that's about the future of america. i don't see that happening, candy. this is a widely debated thing in 1980 with john anderson, gary johnson. >> sure, but ross perot made a difference. >> sure. >> they think that perot widely lost. >> we don't have a third party candidate anywhere near the name recognition or the popularity of ross perot or john anderson. i just don't see that happening. in fact, i see that it's almost a nonfactor, so i'm not worried about it. >> let me ask you about the new economic figures that came out. unemployment dipped below 8%. something i'm sure republicans celebrate as well. does it not undercut what has been the central t
. but the former 'n sync singer and his partner, kym johnson say they are proud of their dancing. >> he was a good sport. saying he'll miss everyone. get ready because next week is going to be double-elimination. >>> and her supersuccessful talk show is long behind her. but her bank account is still growing by leaps and bounds, believe it or not. >> oh, yeah. oprah winfrey is still the highest-paid woman in hollywood. "forbes" says she raked in $165 million between may of 2011 and 2012. far outearning britney spears, even taylor swift. >> good for her. >>> also, we're getting a look at a side of oprah we've never seen. she tweeted this sultry photo of herself with actor terrence howard. i swear we've got it. and, no, she's not leaving steadman. it's from a scene in the upcoming movie, "the butler." she has a sultry expression on with a cigarette in her hand. >> it's a different side of oprah than we've seen before. >> hey, girl. >> this movie about a guy that worked in the white house under eight presidents. so, terrence howard and her in a very interesting photo. so, she's remembered her spirit,
deserved night off tonight. adam laroche still played. davy johnson announced that geo gonzalez will sit and start game one whenever that may be. so instead tom got the green light. he lasted 3 and 2/3 innings. one run, five strikeouts. adam laroche has his 33rd home run tonight, a career high for him and picks up his 100th rbi of the season. he's taking his curtain call. that fan got it right tonight on the mvp sign. roger bernardino with the speed gets in under the tag. he is safe. the shark will be a vital runner once the post-season begins. nats win 4-2. >> i didn't think, you know, coming from last night and feeling we got there, i didn't think it would get any better but this is pretty special today. >> the kind of year we've had, it would be fitting to finish it off with the best record. and more importantly, i would like to see jackson get -- >> orioles visiting the rays in tampa bay. the hit of the game, a home run to center field. way out there. it turned out to be really allthe orioles needed. they win 1-0. good game. amongst all the mlb celebrations and the excitement surroun
. brings harper and adam la roche saw some playing time last night. davey johnson also announced its pitchier gio gonzalez will actually start game one of the playoffs whenever that may be. we should hopefully find out today. so instead tom got the green light. he lasted three and two-thirds innings. adam la roche, big night from. his 33rd home run, a career high. he picked up his hundredth rbi of the season. there's the fan with mvp sign. they got it right. bases loaded, roger bernadino tags up using the speed. he is safe. the-- nationals win this one 4- 2. >> i didn't think, you know, coming from last night, the feeling we got there, i didn't think it could be any better but this is great. >> i'd like to see jackson get his tenth win. >> they wrap up the season this afternoon. orioles visiting the rays. still looking for a division title. chris davis gets the first hit of the game. a home run to center field. it turned out to be really all they needed. birds win this one 1-0. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday. >>> coming up, what
is about to catch up to us. >> veronica johnson is in the storm center4 with your first word. >> it's going to catch up to us. coming up this weekend. but don't you like the sunshine that's out there now? we had clouds around on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and of course this morning, too. and now that front is east of us. we've got some nice sunshine. that's what it looks like outside. you can see the flags in the distance blowing a little bit. so along with the fact that we've cleared out, we've got a little bit of wind. the temperatures currently in the mid to upper 70s. down toward charlottesville, the areas that have had sunshine the longest. it's that dramatic change, wait until you see how far down those temperatures are going to drop on sunday. i'll have it coming up. >>> the reflecting pool on the national mall is now empty once again, as workers deal with that algae problem. the pool just reopened five weeks ago following major renovations. today more than 100 workers scrubbed and cleaned the pool to try to get rid of that algae. the national park service said it didn't anticipate
the best record in baseball with a win. >> davey johnson says most of his starters will play. last night there were a lot of backup guys, guys who can call themselves the goon squad. >> as good as the goons were, it was a regular who drove in the go ahead run. adam la roche hit his 33rd home run of the season. the blast give him 100 rbis of the year. nats top the phillies 4-2. with a win today the nationals will clinch the top seed in the playoffs. that means they'll face the winner of the wild card playing game. either the braves or cardinals. they can also wrap up a top spot if they lose and the reds noose. if the nats lose and reds win, the nats would be the number two seed. got it? that means a first round matchup with the giants. >> we're not done yet so keep your pen handy. it will be an exciting final game for the season for the orioles. they're still within reach of the al east title. they were just four hits and only one run between the o az and rays -- os and rays last night. baltimore topped tampa bay 1-0. now, if the orioles win today and the yankees lose, they'll have a one-
changes on the way. >> let's go to meteorologist veronica johnson for your first forecast. how about it, v.j.? >> dramatic change is not the sunshine we're seeing, but it certainly is nice to see, right? after having more clouds than over the last couple of days. nice sunshine right now, as finally this weather front has moved on through here and east of us. let me take you back to this morning at 10:00. we had a few light showers across the area. here we sit at shortly after 4:00. there you can see the line of clouds, still hanging on to arundel county and areas of stafford county. mostly clear behind it. temperatures are still hanging on in the upper 70s most locations. 75 in bethesda and ashton. oakton coming in at 79 degrees. your good night forecast, decreasing clouds, clearing out and temperatures will drop to the mid and upper 60s by 11:00 p.m. what is that dramatic change we're going to see? i'll tell you about it coming up. >> veronica, thank you. >>> to the presidential race and some saying it was a big shot in the arm for the romney campaign. the first debate is history. there a
is the way to go. it's not the way to win elections. i am positive that johnson doesn't spend time thing about how they can suppress voters. we certainly don't, it just isn't worth it frankly, but that solution, the solution of the id is absolutely the wrong one. >> i'd like to thank you all for coming here. i know you have a busy schedule. i'd like to redo a quote from eric schultz on this issue. he said in the aftermath of the citizens united decision in unprecedented amounts of campaign spending, often by groups that won't disclose their donors. so my question is, how important is anonymity? because it seems to me like if your argument is money is free speech, then we should hold people accountable for what they say. if the ceo of pepsi were to give $1 million to mitt romney tomorrow, i wouldn't buy pepsi for the rest of the year. so how are you going to hold it accountable? >> just one year? [laughter] >> he's not that committed. you've got to work on it. >> other pepsi products might be okay. just pepsi itself. >> not in new york city if they're really large. >> but what i'm saying
. and i think it was great. i liked it a lot. >> i am a fan of the director, ryan johnson. i liked his first two movies also, but this was a huge step forward for him artistically. >> everybody really had a good time in the film. and i agree with that. >> think about time travel. never been disappointed. >> it wasn't the typical time travel movie, very forward-thinking. so i think everybody should go out there and see it. i'm giving it four out of five stars, which is huge for me. >> basque basically. which is great because you're tough. >> which is huge. a great movie. must-see, you should go check it out. everybody should go check it out. >> you know what we're going do right now? we're going to travel back in time. >> we are? >> yeah. >> this whole show. you don't, you have no idea what is coming up next. >>> this morning on "world news now" -- airport anxiety. new trouble for the tsa. >> in the latest security breach, a loaded .38 caliber gun makes it through undetected. it is monday, october 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> october 1st. how did this h
they did. >> randy johnson is also featured later in that obama campaign ad. he and two other workers, 200 other workers lost their jobs when bain shut down the american pad and paper company in indiana back in 1995. sir, it's good to have you here. as we say, you're in that ad. you're also going to be campaigning personally for the president this week. explain to all of us why after 17 years you lost your job 17 years ago because of bain. why do you feel so passionately about this now to insert yourself in this presidential election like you are? >> well, i think the main reason is what i'd seen 17 years ago. i seen mitt romney doing the same exact campaigning when he was running for senate against ted kennedy mischaracterizing his business, his record. i think it's important for the american people to be informed and educated. so i continue to do this. he's caused this to happen by running for president. i wouldn't be out here today if it wasn't for him. you. >> you also spoke at the convention. people may recognize for from that. making money without a moral compass. do you really think
the world. >> steven johnson is our guest sunday taking calls, e-mails and tweets on "in depth." looking at science history, cyber world, popular culture and computer networking in politics. live at noon eastern on book tv on c-span2. >> next a symposium on partisan politics and compromise. this hour and a half event is hosted by the university of southern california schwarzenegger's institute for state and global policy. panelists include senator john mccain and former senator tom daschle. >> we all breathe the same air. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the institute and the inaugural holder of the governor downey chair professor of state and global policy at u.s.e., governor arnold schwarzenegger. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much for the fantastic introduction. that's exactly the way i wrote it. [laughter] also thank you very much for your great partnership. one thing i wanted to correct what you said today is i did not win miss universe. different bikinis, waxing, all of those things i did not win that competition. it's m
johnson wins even if the republican loses. thanks so much for watching. now it's off to denver where we hope you will join our broadcast tomorrow afternoon before the big debate. chris matthews and "hardball" is next. >>> so does romney like you? let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. on the way to denver. but let me start with where we are this night before the first presidential debate. our late and much respected colleague tim russert used to say, numbers, numbers, numbers, and that's what this election comes down do, who gets that 270 electoral votes and who doesn't. what's fascinating this year is what numbers seem to matter most in deciding voters and how they do vote. two numbers jump out at me this election year. the first, which got famous months ago, is 1%. that top, the people making the most, getting the best breaks on taxes and other things. the second number that just broke out recently is 47%. it's that part of america that mitt romney has dismissed as freeloaders, moochers, takers in his words. i'm joined by howard fineman
did. we have that coming up. >> i love that. >>> and more deals. bargains everywhere. tory johnson is here with great "deals and steals." clothes and toys for your kids. >> all right. >>> first, let's get to our inspiring special report, "erase the weight." if you ever thought that slimming down to your ideal weight would take you forever, meet edwin valez. he did that in a remarkable four months. all with a simple diet and an exercise program. look at his plan. >> i've always been the bigger guy in every situation. the older i got, the more self-conscious i became about my weight. food was my go-to. stress, school. i would eat and sleep was my weakness. after cruising to the bahamas with friends, i looked at pictures. i hit the max i've ever been. i was close to 300 pounds. i knew i had to do something about it. i woke up one morning. i was like, i'm going to do this. i'm going to do it now. first week, i walked just 45 minutes. tried to pick up the pace a little bit. when my breathing got hard, slowed it up. in march, i ran my first 5k. i ran three miles every day. now, we go out
to davey johnson and mike rizzo, the front office, they have done a great job. the warner family. they've done it the right way. building in the draft. and they did that with guys like steven straussberg. and guys like bryce harper. and going out and trading for geo gonzalez last year who has already won 20 games. they put together the team the right way. and i don't think this is is a flash in the pan. i don't think this is a one-hit wonder. i think the nats will be a player in the national league east for many years to come. >> i think you're right. i think they've done it the right way. still a couple of games left to go in the season, right? >> yes. 96-64. they have two games left. and there is still something to play for. because they're tied right now with the cincinnati reds for the very best record in all of the national league. and if they can best the reds they will be the number one seed and maybe they will have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. a little quirky system this year. they're going to open up on the road this weekend. either more than likely at atlanta
this done one way or another, and, thank you, i yield back. >> representative johnson from texas. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. thank you for holding this hearing. with this year's passage of the faa reauthorization bill, next generation modification modernization will transform the national air space system. through nextgen, satellite based traffic management, we'll be able to address increased traffic in the nation's skies, while improving safety and environmental foot prints of the air transport. transitioning to the vps air traffic control system allows airlines to reduce flight delays, save fuel, and cut the amount of harmful emissions from aircraft engines. in addition, the successful implementation of next generation will boost our economy and enable the creation of more jobs. the dallas plex is a prime example of the significant growth in the aviation market, and the potential benefits of nextgen deployment. as with my metroplex, this growth comes with growing plains. metro plex sites, by their nature, are located in busy metropolitan areas. nextgen use of satellite based t
in the shape of andre johnson. >> some is the fabric. the fabric is the micro -- my kids have this -- >> it's slimming on a 375-pound -- >> it's not just the linemen. some line backers, 240, i've heard some complaining as well the numbers are bunched up to their chest versus a full look. >> is this like spanx, the same kind of material -- >> have you worn spanx? >> no, i'm trying -- >> now it's completely understood. >> way to go! there you go. >> you're wearing them now, tell me, do you feel -- >> they used to call them girdles but now they call them spanx. >> first of all, give these big guys a shot, all you slim fit -- >> thank you. >> i was working the good looking look. bottom line, i'm with these fellows. nike, you need to do better because the bunched number doesn't work. >> nike says they make a lot of different sizes. maybe people should move up a size. >> tell that to the coach. >> you can have the numbers up around your neck. >> i do feel sorry for them. >> if you're a 400-pound pro football lineman, don't be self-conscious, just win the super bowl. >>> send us a quick video, 20
obama beat. >> i think if gary johnson had been allowed in those debates it would have been much more interesting. >> it would have been interesting to see what ron paul's philosophy looks like without crazy. >> you. >> and not to say that i don't think that the philosophy is crazy, but the presentation of the philosophy. >> half of it is very sane. half of it is beyond the democrats. i think that ron paul is one of the few people in congress to stand up and say that the iraq war was unconstitutional. it was. >> libertarianism is like the hold out spot for people who want to think that they're better than the democrats and conservatives. i'd like at this point, first of all, you're never going to elect a libertarian. second of all there's far more room to negotiate and soften your position in economics on the left than social issues on the right. >> yeah. >> anybody who is a libertarian in the republican party is not doing anything to help their philosophies. >> i agree. you don't see anyone who is going to stand up and say american with disabilities act bad idea. >> we'll be taking y
johnson is our guest depth."ay on 'in- he will get popular culture and computer networking and politics, i've at noon eastern on "book tv." journal"ington continues. host: james montoya is our guest. what is the college board? guest: a membership organization of over 6000 educational institution knows, organizations that are all focused on connecting students to college success. host: and the purpose of the s.a.t.? when it was first created? guest: the s.a.t. has been around for decades. the idea was to create a more level playing field for students, but sickly for those that lived in axa's that might not have access to the interview campus. it provided an opportunity for us nationally to have an examination that all colleges could use to help them in the admissions process. host: there are now three sections of it. guest: the third section is been in place about eight years. the s.a.t. is measuring those skills that are necessary for college success -- reading, writing, and mathematics. host: there is a recent report -- what is the date take away -- what is the big take away? guest: when
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)